Flora’s Muse

Flora’s Muse is a floral design studio based in southern Maine serving our customers with magical floral collections and a commitment to a Slow Flower practice. Sourcing flowers within the seasons and abiding by ethical standards that don’t harm the planet drives much of the studio’s mission. To secure the best floral and botanical resources, we collaborate with local flower farms to access American-grown flowers, we forage along road sides, and value the Ethical Trade Initiative. Flora’s Muse believes in floral design which flows within what nature provides.

 When we curate an event-experience with our Slow Flower floral design, we extend back to our customers this care for ethically sourced by designing an experience that reflects the emotional vibration of your day. The studio’s 20 years of industry experience comes via the floral wedding industry, the floral-art installation space, international editorial design, floral retail and wholesale knowledge, and floral perfumery expertise. Design and artistic eye helps create an otherworldly and fairytale experience.

Rayne Grace Hoke - Owner

I’m enamored with the beauty of nature and I love the thrilling mix of magic and science. The graceful weight of a tulip in the hand and the intoxicating aroma of mimosa brings pure joy and a bit of awe. It’s these nuances of the natural world which fascinate me. And soaking in these experiences is for me a point of divine expression and inspiration.

And I'm so grateful my floral path has allowed so many opportunities to explore other artistic curiosities beyond flowers. In the 1990’s, I interned at the Textile Conservation Lab at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Additionally, I’m an Ambassador and graduate of the Beyond Startup and New Ventures business program. Via this inspiring organization, I advocate for small women business on state and federal levels. But I've also tapped into weaving, perfumery, fashion design and even metalsmithing and currently I’m the Maine-based Slow Flowers representative offering Slow Flower meetups in Maine! Please feel free to contact me as I welcome your questions or interest in this work.

Most importantly, I look forward to creating with you and making your floral dreams true!