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Flora’s Muse offers no fuss, reliable and experienced freelancing services to flower shops, floral design studios or industry professionals seeking an extra hand for a last minute or planned project. When you or your team are feeling overwhelmed or don’t have enough staff, Flora’s Muse is an ideal hire for professional and knowledgeable assistance to finish a project without the handholding.

Having the opportunity to work with Rayne and share in her creative process was a pleasure and a joy. Her botanical designs effortlessly mirror her commitment to suitability and her own playfully kind and creative spirt.  It was a personally inspiring experience to spend time with Rayne and observe her living and creating in the space of Slow Flower Floral Design.” -

- Hilary Alger, Creative Director, Johnny’s Seeds

“Hiring Flora’s Muse was one of the best decisions I could have made for my growing business.  She’s an efficient, hard working designer who can adapt to whatever design style is needed. I never felt I had to micro-manage her work in the studio or on-site set up.  Rayne (of Flora’s Muse) is also just an amazing person to be around! I look forward to having her join me again this year. “

- Brianne Emhiser, Stem & Vine

“Rayne [owner of Flora’s Muse] is a versatile and efficient designer. She’s great at understanding the look we are creating and executing it without being managed. She helped us pull off the studio work for one of our biggest events in 2018, and I’m so grateful she could join us!”

- Carolyn Snell, Snell Family Farm

“Creative, talented, team centered, trusted and professional. Working with Rayne [of Flora’s Muse] is an absolute pleasure.”

- Jenn Waitkun, Blue Fern Designs

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