Slow Flowers Maine Meetup

Fall 2018

Flora’s Muse hosted a two-day intensive workshop with Maine’s family owned Jordan’s Farm and the farm’s conjoining Farm to Table Restaurant, The Well. Teachers offered centerpiece design, floral jewelry design, foam free-free form installation and table-scaping. Get details for Spring 2019 Slow Flower Maine Meetup!


Spring 2019

A spring interpretation, Ostara presents a delicate collaboration photographed in sub temperatures one week before the spring equinox. Local, Maine-foraged materials were gently coaxed from cold grounds, and American grown flowers were used in this 100% Slow Flowers photoshoot.

The project was selected in response to a call for art from Slow Flowers founder Debra Prinzing as a request for inspirational designs featuring flowering branches.

As the honoree, Ostara will be featured on Houzz - Home Renovation & Design, Slow Flowers’ March Inspiration.



Flora’s Muse, Electric Flora, Stem & Vine and Kivlo Photography work together as a creative team who are motivated and inspired by pushing boundaries within cohesive design creations. The group’s name was conceived as a result of the collective’s delight with their very own beehive editorial shoots. Anything of which they can get their hands on such as lilacs, peonies, hydrangeas, and moss - always local and always in season - becomes the best material for the resulting Shakespearean costumes.

The BeeHive Girls team is @stemandvine @electricflora @kivalophotos


Winter 2018/19

A free form flora installation that explores the reclamation of sensuality, strength and freedom of choice through the retelling of classic Myth of Persephone’s descent into the underworld.

Mixed Media Collaboration with Hannah Hirsh, & Michelle Rech of Electric Flora

Hosted at Engine: Feeding The Creative Community

O’Donal’s Nursery


Rayne Hoke, owner of Flora’s Muse managed Maine’s unique O’Donal’s Nursery for 2.5 years during which time she helped initiate the nursery’s first slow flower department. Rayne approached local farmers for collaboration and requested farmers to propagate specific flower varieties for the nursery’s needs. This new supplier chain ensured seasonal, chem free and ethically sourced flowers to O’Donals and Maine customers. As a result, the internationally acclaimed Florist Review recognized this approach, and also named O’Donal’s a Trend to Follow in 2018.

Electric Flora - Present


The Man Who Fell to Earth, photos below, is an homage to David Bowie and the wildly energetic collaboration between Slow Flower florists, Electric Flora and Flora’s Muse.

Dreamily inspired by David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth, this collaboration and editorial piece aptly titled, The Man Who Fell to Flowers, weaves floral concept design into a love for one of the most influential and iconographic music composers of our time.

Persephone’s Bouquet, pictured right, is an editorial statement-piece composed with dead or dying plants, and foliage.  The concept of this piece is to find the beauty in change; death is not the end but the beginning of a new journey.

Kitty Witch Perfumery

2006 - 2014

Kitty Witch Perfumery was a labor of love, producing ‘All Natural Perfume Made to be Magical and Smell Yummy.’ The requisite Love Potion Number 9, Persephone's Passion, and Voodoo of Love were among the many oil concoctions conjured up during the perfumery’s eight year spell. In addition to composing intoxicating smells, Kitty Witch had additional missions: provide chem free perfumes so anyone, including customers with sensitivities could enjoy lucious scents. Plus, each perfume was intentionally mixed for a purpose-driven life filled with love, passion and happiness.

Kitty Witch was sold at Whole Foods with international online sales including Australia and South Africa!

Today, if you’d like to capture the scents of a meaningful bouquet into an oil perfume that last a lifetime, please contact Flora’s Muse for this special scent tailored just for you.